How do I know if I need the help of SJK Design?

You may need SJK Design if you don’t like the way your place looks and feels or the way it works. Is there a room that you avoid? Is there a place where stuff accumulates?  

Do you feel frustrated because there is not a place for everything that you use in your daily routine (or the daily routine of other household members) or something no longer works, or are you tired of the way things have become and would like your place to be more a reflection of personalities that live there now. Has a collection gotten out of control? Do you wonder what to do with all of your family photographs?

Are you planning for a special occasion or event that you would like the decorations to coordinate closely with the design of your place or to be of a particular color palate or theme? Do you have a child going off to college? Or one who is getting married who may need help organizing a new life in a new place? Is it time to consider moving a home-based business to office space? Is your business expanding and needing a place that carries your brand’s image? Whatever the life stage or life style, there are always ways to make your living and work spaces better.

What makes SJK Design different from everyone else?

SJK Design develops a comprehensive design program that incorporates the functions, objectives and resources of the client. SJK Design begins with a consultation with the client(s) to hear their ideas/goals for the project. Once a preliminary design program has been developed with plans, materials, furnishings, fabrics, SJK Design presents this to the client for their review and input, further refinements and reviews result in a completed design program. A cost estimate is prepared concurrently with the design program so that clients can be assured that the design solution(s) are within the stated parameters of the project.

After the design program is developed, the client can choose the best option to fulfill their design program (see below).

Do you have different methods of working with your clients?

A design program and implementation can be developed over time using a room-by-room approach that allows for the transformation of your house or apartment to occur incrementally.

A comprehensive design program can be developed and it can be executed all at once or over a number of phases. This approach allows you to know the whole program before beginning the implementation. The implementation can occur all at once which requires a large amount of money or in phases that are more comfortable for your cash flow requirements. Most of my clients choose a phased in approach to better manage the disruption to the house and finances.

Can I get a quick fix? Yes, SJK Design can consult with you on an hourly basis to remedy minor issues.

Can I get a design program and implement it myself? Yes. This is a cost effective way of getting the benefit of a design program without the cost of SJK Design supervision of workrooms, suppliers, and trade resources.

How can do to prepare to work with SJK Design?

Fill in the “New Client Questions”, and collect information about your project – what inspires you? What would you like to see happen? How much are you willing to spend to make it happen? What is your time frame?

Review magazines or websites for ideas and inspiration for your project. Prepare to share those during your initial meeting. Even elements from a multi-million dollar property can be appropriated and interpreted for the size and scope of your project.

If you have a set of plans, prepare a copy of the floor plans for use during the initial meeting.

Contact SJK Design to schedule an initial meeting at your house or apartment to evaluate the feasibility of your project.  During this meeting we will discuss your goals for your space, your budget, time frame as well as any other conditions or parameters that may affect the design for your project. We will review the information from the “New Client Questions”, and the materials that you have collected.

What's the next step if I want to hire you?

If you decide to go forward, we will ask you for a retainer of $2500.00 in order to initiate the project.

We will then prepare a scope of work for your project based on the information from our initial meeting. The scope of work describes the overall budget, project objectives, time frame, as well as the specific areas/rooms to be considered. The scope of work is a framework for your project.

Once the scope of work has been approved, we will ask for existing plans or schedule a time for a field survey to measure your space to create a digital drawing file for your project. We will also need to prepare an inventory of furniture, art and other significant elements for use in developing your design program

We will then have the information necessary to begin to develop a design program for your house or apartment. The next meeting will be a presentation of design concepts for your review from which revisions will be made.  The design program will be developed through refinements made in the review process.

The design program consists of function analysis, floor plans and finish materials, furniture plans, furniture and fabric selections, lamps, rugs, art/framing accessories and other materials described as part of the objectives in the scope of work.

How does SJK Design charge for its work?

SJK Design bills for design services at an hourly rate of $150/hour for professional services and $100/hour for support staff. Design Services invoices are based on hours expended and are billed on the 1st and 15th of the month. Each invoice is "due upon receipt".

Any purchases made by SJK Design for the client are the trade price plus 20%. Materials and Labor invoices follow the requirements of the provider/vendor.

SJK Design provides construction management as part of its professional services. The client pays construction vendors/suppliers directly.

*SJK Design accepts cash, check or credit cards. There is a 3% fee for using credit cards.

What if my project is not in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

We regularly travel to other cities in Texas to meet with clients. We are also available to work on projects in other states and throughout North America.